Instructions for Poster submission to the conference

Poster Session

The poster session is July 4. Poster exhibition will be open during the whole period of the conference July 3-9.

Poster Size

The maximum allowed poster size is: 900 x 1200 mm2 (approx. A0).

Deadline for uploading posters to "indico"

Your contribution needs to be uploaded to the "indico" server before the 1/July/2014. Posters uploaded after this date may not enter the ICHEP Poster Awards contest.

Poster Prize announcement:

A prize for the best three posters will be awarded during the conference.

These prizes consist on a monetary reward of 750 (1st), 500 (2nd) and 250€ (3rd). An automatic system will allow all participants to express their vote and make a first selection of the 15 best posters. From this short list the various members of the ICHEP committees will decide on the top three. The first phase will be opened during July 3-5 and the second July 6-8.

ELSEVIER is sponsoring this prize and will also participate in the selection process.

Accepted contributions

The list of accepted contributions selected for posters and oral presentations is available at:

preliminary list of accepted contributions

How to submit your contribution

Send your contribution using the poster submission form

All input submitted to this form will be brought to the attention of the Scientific Committee and corresponding Track conveners. A notification will be sent to those accepted in due time, asking  to provide the poster file.

Should you encounter problems during the submission process, please send a short message using this address.

Unless the authors request otherwise, the documents will be made public on the conference Web-page.

Preliminary list of accepted contributions