Poster Contest


The winner of the poster constest is:

There has been a draw in the second place, so the second and third awards are shared by:

Instructions for poster contest

A prize for the best three posters will be awarded during the conference.

These prizes consist on a monetary reward of 750 (1st), 500 (2nd) and 250€ (3rd). An automatic system will allow all participants to express their vote and make a first selection of the 15 best posters (link). From this short list the various members of the ICHEP committees will decide on the top three (link). The first phase will be opened during July 3-5 and the second July 6-8.

ELSEVIER is sponsoring this prize and will also participate in the selection process.

Each participant at the ICHEP conference will get a code to vote when registering to the conference. Normal participants will be able to vote in the first selection phase whereas members of the ICHEP committees and track conveners can (must) also vote during the second phase.